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Richard Thompson Transcription: “I Still Dream”

September 24, 2014
Ethan Semone

Here’s another Richard Thompson transcription.  This time I chose the solo for “I Still Dream” from his 1988 Capitol release Amnesia.

Here’s .pdf of the transcription

I Still Dream

Unlike “Shoot Out the Lights” or some of his other longer excursions, this solo is short and tight yet very soulful  much like you’d hear someone like Steve Cropper play.  The duration doesn’t keep RT from throwing in some cool double stop 6th’s (bars 8-9) as well as some beautiful legato phrases (bars 6-7 and 12) giving the solo a variety of flavors without sounding contrived.  Although based in C Major , the unresolved nature of the solo recalls  F Lydian and G Mixolydian at times.

You can also find Guitar Pro and Tab Pro versions here:

You can find my transcription of the live version of RT’s “I Ain’t Going to Drag My Feet No More” here.

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